Dare to Taste the Spirits of Ellicott City

The Spirits of Ellicott City tours are the third Thursday of each month. Tickets are $20/person and $18 for senior citizens and military personnel. You must be 21+ to attend the Spirits of Ellicott City Tour.

Receive a $5.00 off coupon for the Spirits of Ellicott City tour at www.ellicottcity.net

Please note: The Spirits of Ellicott City Tour requires a minimum of 4 people before it is a go. While you are not required to book reservations for 4, you should know that the tour may be cancelled if our total does not reach 4.

Possible Stops on Spirits of Ellicott City Tour:

  • Tersiguel’s French Country Restaurant
  • Diamondback Tavern
  • The Ellicott Mills Brewing Company
  • Portalli’s Italian Restaurant
  • The Wine Bin

Why is Ellicott City So Haunted?

Spiritual energy somehow ‘pockets’ in our town. Geographically, Ellicott City is built on a bed of granite and granite composite… mediums will agree that this feature alone attracts and channels spiritual energy. As you look around notice that many of the original buildings were built using rock that was blasted and carved from the bedrock they’re built on. Paranormal investigators have also offered several other reasons for the plethora of spiritual energy: electricity, water and antiques. The many transformers and thick electrical cables over town, and the Tiber River, which flows directly beneath many of the buildings on the west side of town and empties into the Patapsco river at the bottom of the hill encourage the spirits to stay. If the combination of electricity and the power of water alone is not enough to attract and hold spirits, then many are said to have arrived here piggybacking the personal effects they once owned during life, and with which they have yet to part.

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