Tourism Event Support Program 

Purpose of the Program and Acceptable Use Examples
The purpose of this program is to grow events that draw attendees to Howard County and engage residents. A successful funding request is one of the following:

  • a new event that has potential for increased visitation and resident engagement.

  • an existing event that will take action that will extend the number of days the event takes place and/or will increase visitor and resident attendance.  

Examples of accepted requests for funding:

  • venue rental fees to get more fields to grow a tournament

  • venue rental fees to get expanded event capacity to handle more attendees

  • adding an additional kids feature to a festival to draw more families

  • hiring better-known musical talent to draw more attendees

  • adding a new experiential feature like a beer garden, an exhibit, or a culinary area to appeal to more attendees

This program is not intended to be the primary patron of either the event or a fundraising beneficiary. The expected average amount of money invested in selected events is $2,500.00.

Alternative Support
In many cases, our organization elects to support events using cooperative marketing, rather than cash. For example, we may elect to launch a radio, facebook or other campaign highlighting the event alongside our own marketing. Your event may be selected for this cooperative advertising in lieu of cash based on our available budgets and marketing plans.

When Should I Apply?
We are approached by many ambitious event ideas and we’re excited to hear them all. Before filling out this form we encourage you to email us ( to discuss your event, ways we can help, and to determine if your event is far enough along to apply for this program.

Applications should be for events more than ninety days away. Submissions are reviewed by Tourism staff then submitted to the Tourism Executive Committee for final decision; this may take more than two months.

Terms and Conditions

Application (Apply Here)

Final Report