Just because it's summer, doesn't mean you should avoid the heat! Well, the heat as in spicy foods! Howard County has a number of places where you can add a little spice to your culinary life, from Mexican to pizza. So kick back and get your favourite drink ready, because it's gonna get hot in here. 

La Palapa Grill & Cantina

You can make most of the meals here as spicy as you like, or you can stick to favorites such as Chile Rellenos, Stuffed Jalapenos, Al Pastor, and more. Don't forget to wash it all down with a Spicy Cucumber or Spicey Mangorita!

Chick N Friends

Chicken and spice pretty much go hand in hand. Here at Chick N Friends you can get your hands on delicious, tender Hot-n-Spicy Buffalo Wings, BBQ Chicken, and Baby Back Ribs. All of this spice goes great with an ice cold lemonade, which makes for the perfect summer meal!

You Pizza

Pizza is the perfect meal no matter the season. Plus, you can put anything on top of a pizza (yes, including pineapple) and it will taste amazing. At You Pizza you can order one of their signature pizzas, or you can create your own spicy masterpiece. Create a pizza with spicy tomato sauce, roasted peppers, jalapenos, banana hot peppers, and more!


Curl up near one of the 8 fireplaces, and get ready to dine on Royal Indian Cuisine such as Pulled Berkshire Pork, Gobinda (Roasted cauliflower, lime, chili, tamarind, toasted sesame) Ragda Tikki Chaat (Spiced potato, paneer and spinach patties, chana, tamarind, yogurt) and more. You'll fall in love with these spices, we promise. 

Be sure to check out the rest of our restaurants during HOCO Summer  Restaurant Weeks here. You may find a new dish that will certainly add a little spice to your life!