Extending over 32 miles, Patapsco Valley State Park is one of Maryland's outdoor destinations. The park welcomes millions of guests per year, who come from all over to take advantage of the scenic hiking, biking, fishing, camping, and more. Looking for a unique and fun get away for your family this summer? Why not visit Patapsco?

Camping at Patapsco is a favorite with visitors, and there are two sites designated for camping--the Hilton and Hollofield area. The campsites have picnic tables and fire pits, and some even have electric hook-ups. Restrooms and showers are near the sites as well. Be advised though, pets are not allowed to camp with you. It is also suggested you call ahead to make a reservation for camping as well!

The park also has several historic sites for visitors to enjoy. Sites include Elkridge Landing, the Thomas Viaduct, the Swinging Bridge, and more. Some of these historic sites date back to the 1600's! Bring your camera, because some of these sights are stunning.

Speaking of photography, Patapsco offers some of the best views in Maryland. From sunrises to sunsets, there's no end to the natural, splendid beauty around you. This park will wow you with its lush greens, active and vibrant wildlife, and whatever else you can imagine. This is worthy of your best cameras and camera equipment. 

As I said earlier, Patapsco is also a great place to be active! If you're looking for a place for kids to burn off energy, bring their bikes, running shoes, or even yoga mats. You can explore the many different trails via a bike or by foot. Hiking and biking are extremely popular here. Do your kids like the water? You can canoe and fish here as well! They even have horseback riding trails!

So what are you waiting for? Check out the Patapsco Valley State Park this summer! You may be surprised by what you find!