February is a rather busy month, with Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, National Engagement Month, and National Chocolate Month. I guess they all go hand in hand. Howard County has a few spots to satisfy any sweet tooth, so if you’re looking for that special chocolate, look no further!

E.C. Pops-- Gourmet popcorn is their specialty, and let’s be real. Chocolate does go with just about anything. With 10+ flavors of chocolate popcorn (chocolate covered strawberry!) there’s enough here to tempt anyone!

Kupcakes & Co.-- Need I say more? Black Bottom, chocolate peanut butter cup, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cake truffles...seriously, they have everything!

Sweet Cascades Chocolatier-- Handcrafted chocolates that will honestly melt in your mouth (and hand, sorry). Try their Old Bay chocolate crabs, or chocolate covered bacon!

The Wine Bin-- Chocolate and wine actually go hand in hand, it’s a proven fact. Besides an outstanding selection of over 500 wines, they also sell craft beer.

The Mall in Columbia-- This shopping destination is home to a number of shops selling specialty chocolates. Treat yourself.

Jailbreak Brewing-- Want something that you can drink? Jailbreak’s Dusk till Dawn features a medley of chocolate, fresh pressed espresso from Ceremony Coffee Roasters, and roasted malt. Also, check out Jailbreak limited edition Udder Chocolate milk stout.Perfect for those of you who love a stouty, chocolate beer.

Black Flag Brewing Co. -- Want something with a chocolate kick? Try the Churro En Fuego, made with Mexican hot chocolate brewed with cinnamon, ancho chilis, cocoa nibs, vanilla, and lactose. 

Red Shedman Brewery-- Pick up a case of their Lights Out Oatmeal Stout, which has a roasty chocolate finish. Perfect for a night in!