Howard County is home to some of Maryland's most beautiful historical sites, as well as being an old county itself. Howard County became the 21st country in Maryland in 1851. Original the county was a part of Anne Arundle and was designated the Howard District in 1839, in honor of John Eager Howard, statesman, soldier, and fifth governor of Maryland.

With our rich history dating back as early as 1608, there's plenty of ways to explore and experience history here. Start your historical search at the Howard County Historical Society, where you can browse their extensive library and historical collection! After that, head over to the Patapsco Female Institute. Perched at Ellicott City’s highest point, the Patapsco Female Institute offered a revolutionary curriculum to young women from 1837-1891. The school earned a national reputation for its inclusion of botany, chemistry, languages, literature, math, and music in an effort to mold elegant young ladies into engaged, active citizens. You can also see Mt. Ida, which was built for William Ellicott--grandson of the towns founders. The home was built in 1828, and still sits proudly today overlooking Historic Ellicott City.

After that, take a ride to historic Savage Mill, an historic cotton mill which has been turned into a complex of specialty shops and restaurants. The mill was started was a working textile mill from 1822-1947, when it was then converted into a Christmas display village until 1950. Since then it has been turned into a specialty shop destination. Next to Savage Mill is the Bollman Truss Railroad Bridge, one of the oldest standing iron railroad bridges. The bridge was built in 1852 as a part of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad, and today it is a popular landmark for history buffs!

The Howard County Farm Heritage Museum should also be on your list of places to visit. The mission of the museum is to preserve the agricultural way of life through hands-on programs and displays. Farming is huge in Howard County, with many farms still active today! You can visit many of these farms, where you can even buy fresh meat and produce!

With so much to see and do, be sure to make a weekend out of it! We have a number of fantastic hotels and inns to fit every party size and budget! Hope to see you around!