Holi is a Hindu festival which celebrates the triumph of good over evil. Also known as the “festival of colors” the event features colored chalks that are tossed into the air or smeared on attendees so that everyone walks away bright and ready to celebrate the rest of the year!

Featuring music, dance, and other performances, this is an incredible opportunity to learn more about Howard County’s diverse, growing community while having an unforgettable experience.

Join us on April 30 in Downtown Columbia’s beloved Symphony Woods to participate in this beautiful, free, and family-friendly celebration!

The event kicks off with a 1 mile fun run throughout the park!

Register now for Holi in Howard County and get updates on performances, food vendors, parking and more!

Will the chalk stain my clothing?

It shouldn’t, but we’d suggest wearing clothes that you’re willing to sacrifice if necessary and to wash them separately from the rest of your laundry. Light colored clothes also make sure that the colors display their absolute best! And if you soak the item in vinegar before washing, the colors will remain on the clothes if you want to remember the event!

What if I want to attend but don’t want to get covered in chalk?

Everyone is clearly instructed not to throw or smear chalk on anyone else unless they’ve given consent. However, it will be extremely difficult to avoid clouds of chalk dust unless you keep significant distance from others. There will be performances to watch, vendors and organizations to visit, and a variety of food trucks, so it will be a fun event for all.