School's Out: Telegraphs, Codes,Communication

  • Dates: May 28, 2018

Step back in time to when there were no cell phones, tablets, or computers and experience the first methods of sending messages. Learn how to read, write, and send messages in Morse code. Learn some of the different codes used in the Civil War. Write your own message in Morse code and type it using authentic telegraph equipment, and create a cypher and write your own Civil War code. Learn how these coding methods were needed in the 1800s during Civil War and how this method of communication was essential to our nation's growth. Complete crafts and activities while learning Morse code and other forms of communication throughout history!

Aftercare is available at the museum until 5 pm for an additional $10.

Info: Caitlin Chamberlain at 410-313-0420

Ages 9-13

School's Out: Telegraphs, Codes,Communication