Turn the Page

Friday, March 23 @ 3pm – Sunday, March 25 @ 1pm

Guided By: Johnny Parker, D.SL.

Cost: $250

Earlybird Special Rate: $230 through 1/23/2018

Your life is telling a story. Is it telling the story of the life you always wanted? It can! With Jesus as the Author, we will explore the story He’s writing on each of our hearts and lives.The weekend will be rich with group sharing, creative experiences and contemplative processing. By applying five transformational elements, you can become the person you were born to be, experience richer relationships, exchange restlessness for joy, gain confidence in God’s love for you, resist people-pleasing, and enjoy a fulfilling relationship with Jesus.

Decide – on the story you want your life to tell

Master – your story or others will assign you a ‘script’

Refuse – to stay stuck in a chapter of pain

Edit – your life often

Have – a strong support cast to help you live your best story

Use – your skills to be a page-turner and serve others

Be – interested in hearing other people’s story

Realize – each day you are a story in the making

Embrace – the next chapter

You will walk through an inspiring evaluation process during this weekend retreat, including a vision board activity. Time will be allotted for personal reflection at our beautiful Center.

Recommended reading for this weekend is The Way of the Heart by Henri Nouwen. Please wear comfortable clothing. Bring a Bible and journal. Check-in begins at 3pm. Dinner will be served at 6pm and the retreat will begin at 7pm.

Turn the Page