Even Pokémon know that Howard County, Maryland is a great place to visit! If you're out playing stop by the Howard County Welcome Center to cool off and recharge those batteries at one of our FREE cell phone charging stations. 

HoCoMon Hot Spots & Exclusive Deals

Clark's Elioak Farm has 10+ PokéStops and 2 gyms. Enjoy hunting among cute farm animals and The Enchanted Forest. 

Historic Savage Mill has 15+ PokéStops. Do some shopping, refuel at Rams Head Tavern or get moving at Terrapin Adventures. Those eggs aren't going to incubate themselves. 

Stop by Great Sage for vegan fare and the chance to do some training at their Pokémon gym. 

Pokébahn - Autobahn Indoor Speedway is hosting Pokémon trainer nights. Tuesday - Friday you can save $2 on any race by showing your team to the front desk. 

Do some training at the Pokémon gym at Bare Bones Grill. 

Staying at the Sheraton Columbia Town Center? Anyone who shows their app at the Restaurant or Lounge gets 10% off. Plus there are three gyms and 12+ PokéStops right by the hotel. 

Do some training while shopping at the gym at The Cork and Bottle in Sykesville, MD. 

Robinson Nature Center is featured on the Pokémon Go app, their trails include 13 pokestops and 2 gyms. Come play and discover! ‪#‎RobinsonNatureCenter

The Historical Society of Howard County Museum welcomes Pokémon Go to stop by if they're in need of a charging station or restroom. You may even find a Pokémon hanging about.


*A few notes on safety and successful Pokémon hunting:

  • Watch where you're walking. No joke. 
  • Howard County is rated one of the safest places to live in the entire country. Still, it's always smart (and more fun!) to Pokémon Go accompanied by friends or family
  • Respect the neighbors, don't stay out too late and don't be too loud at night. Besides, loud noises scare off the Pokémon.
  • Don't trespass on private property or closed businesses. This would be an embarrassing reason to be arrested. 


Howard County Tourism & Promotion is not affiliated with Niantic, Nintendo or The Pokémon Company.