Howard County Summer Restaurant Weeks & Craft Beverages

January 17th through January 30th, 2022



Dear Howard County Restaurants,

Visit Howard County is pleased to announce the launch of Restaurant Weeks & Craft Beverages happening January 17-30, 2022.  


Participating restaurants will be required to upload their offerings that feature prix fixe menus for one, two, or families along with any beverage options. Feel free to get creative, we will make it work!

This campaign will be heavily advertised on public radio, social media, local print, and online publications. We are pleased to share that we are partnering with Postern, publishers of the Howard County Visitors Guide, to ensure all messaging is COVID-19 friendly as we know building trust in consumers is critical.

Participating restaurants will receive a point of purchase kits to include:  

  • Outdoor banner 

  • Window poster

  • Postcards to distribute with orders pre-event

  • Digital creative assets  

Participation in this campaign involves a small fee ($250) and creating your own Restaurant Weeks & Craft Beverages menu to be featured during the promotion.

Contact: with any questions or assistance.

Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you!  

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