Hudson Coastal

  • 11811 West Marketplace
  • Fulton, MD 20759

Features regional dishes from Maine to the Keys. A raw bar and fresh fish highlight the menu, as well as poultry, pork and beef.Enjoy its light and airy design, including a well-appointed bar featuring hand crafted cocktails, citrus crushes and beers favored on the eastern seaboard.

Restaurant Week Dinner Menu
First Course

Calamari- fresh, hand-cut and pank fried, served with herbed marinara sauce and zesty remoulade
Hot Crab Dip- classic Maryland recipe with crab, cream cheese, served with crusty bread
Chicken Wings- 1 lb. brined baked and lightly friend jerk, Chesapeake dry rub, or traditional wing sauce, choice of ranch or blue cheese

Second Course

Crab Cobb- rows of crab, bacon, tomato, egg, crumbled blue cheese, onion tossed with romaine lettuce and a citrus vinaigrette
DelMarVa Chicken- 8 oz, chargrilled chicken breast, topped with creamy cheddar crab imperial, served with french fries, sauteed spinach
Seafood Chili- fresh sliced fish, mussels, calamari,blacked eyed peas, navy beans, and peppers simmered in a tomato seafood stock, served with crusty bread.

Third Course

Key Lime Pie- homemade double graham crust, lime zest whipped cream
Limoncello Cheesecake- homemade NY style, pineapple chutney, caramel sauce, graham crust

Dinner Price