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NinjaBE invites all to stay Ninja Warrior-ready with NinjaBEFit@Home
NinjaFIT® Workouts - Live and on YouTube

Stay NinjaFIT® with a 30 minute workout led by Master SenseiO Omari.

Below is the upcoming live schedule:

Teens/Adults (15+) on Friday, 4/24, at 6 pm ET
Tiny Ninjas (2-5) on Monday, 4/27, at 11:30 am ET
Youth (6-14) on Wednesday, 4/29, at 3:30 pm ET and the meeting ID is 423-452-6149. Send a Facebook
Messenger request to @NinjabeFun or a chat from for the
password. Password stays same from previous sessions.

Subscribe to the NinjaBEFit@Home YouTube channel for more workouts at:


Have you watched TV shows like “American Ninja Warrior” and thought… WOW, Now that looks like fun! Here is your chance to compete on a real Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course. Have Fun. Be Challenged. Become more fit and mentally-focused. You can go it alone or have a group experience with family, friends or co-workers.