The HowardOnTap Craft Brew Trail

🍻 Dive into the Flavor Fiesta with HowardOnTap Craft Brew Trail! Get ready to roll on the HowardOnTap Craft Brew Trail, a thrilling journey for beer enthusiasts like you! Join forces with fellow brew aficionados and bask in the glory of craft brews on tap, because Howard County is where the beer magic happens!

📍 Sip, Savor, Socialize: Howard County boasts a trove of breweries, distilleries, taprooms, and beer-centric havens that beckon you and your pals to embark on a delectable journey through our charming slice of Maryland. It's not just a trail; it's a camaraderie-filled adventure!

🍺 Tap into Local Craft Delights: Unleash your taste buds at our local taprooms, where the air is filled with the aroma of locally-produced craft beverages. The rule here? Try one, try them all! These taprooms, nestled in breweries or distilleries, offer a direct pipeline to the freshest craft beers and spirits, straight from the source.

👫 Social Sips, Local Trips: Think wine tasting, but with the soul-soothing goodness of locally-made beer or spirits. Picture a setting where each sip is an exploration of handcrafted excellence. These establishments not only deliver their own branded liquid delights, but they also create a casual and social haven for you to taste, try, and revel in the freshness straight from the tanks.

🍻 Elevate Your Tasting Game: It's not just about the drink; it's about the experience. HowardOnTap Craft Brew Trail is your ticket to a high-quality taste adventure. Grab your friends, pack your curiosity, and let the taps guide you through a realm of locally-brewed bliss.

FeBREWary Photo Competition

This FeBREWary, let Howard County be your craft beer playground. Gather your crew, indulge in the local flavors, and make every sip a celebration. Cheers to the Craft Brew Trail – where the journey is as exciting as the destination! Don't forget to capture the essence of your experience and participate in our FeBREWary photo competition for a chance to showcase your love for craft beer and win exciting prizes! 📸🍺 🍻✨

Explore Howard County Breweries & More

Premium Spirits and Hops Extravaganza! Howard County is the ultimate destination for those seeking premium spirits and hops. Explore some of Maryland's finest breweries, including Manor Hill Brewing in Ellicott City. As Howard County's first farm brewery sprawling over 54 acres, Manor Hill Brewing offers handmade, farmhouse-inspired beers complemented by brick oven pizza and food truck specialties.

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Distill Your Delight. Take a detour to Lost Ark Distilling in Columbia, Howard County's inaugural craft distillery. Immerse yourself in the world of premium spirits crafted with locally-sourced ingredients and bottled by hand. This is not just a stop; it's a sip-and-savor experience like no other.

Press Play on the Ultimate Brewventure in Howard County! Make your way to GameOn Bar+Arcade, a vibrant hot spot the new Merriweather District. Here, savor locally-brewed Cold Ass Beer while immersing yourself in the nostalgia of retro arcade games. If you're feeling competitive, join a skeeball league and take your gaming skills to the next level!

Pet-Friendly Pubs: Howard County welcomes all, furry friends included! Bring Fido along as you explore local spots like Hysteria Brewing Company in Columbia and the Ale House Columbia. Enjoy the company of your four-legged companions while savoring the best brews in the county.

How to Get Around

When exploring the local drinking destinations in Howard County, you want to go about it safely. Make sure to drink responsibly. 

Explore the Howard on Tap Craft Beverage Trail Below

Embark on a journey along the Howard on Tap Craft Beverage Trail below. Howard County boasts a myriad of thrilling beverage destinations. Discover the finest taprooms in Howard County listed below.