Craft Your Perfect HowardOnTap Experience

Ready for beers and brews non-stop? Dive into the Weekend Warrior Itinerary. Seeking an artistic exploration? Embark on Brews, Bites, and Artful Delights. Planning a visit during FeBREWary? Choose the Winter Retreat with Warm Spirits. Can't find the ideal match? Create an itinerary that's uniquely yours! Howard County's hotels, restaurants, and unique attractions are poised to elevate your HowardOnTap adventure.

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Remember, savvy trail travelers know the importance of letting someone else handle the driving, so don't forget to make plans for a ride! Your tailored HowardOnTap journey awaits—craft it your way. 🍻🗺️

Frisco and the Reckless Shepherd

Frisco and the Reckless Shepherd

Itinerary Idea 1: Weekend Warrior

Friday Night: Start your weekend with a bang at Frisco and the Reckless Shepherd, where live music takes center stage. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere, enjoy great tunes, and savor craft brews. As the night winds down, stay overnight at one of our cozy hotels to rest up for the exciting weekend ahead.

Saturday: Noon - Manor Hill Brewing: Kick off your Saturday at Manor Hill Brewing, where the tasting room awaits with an array of flavors. Grab some cans to go and explore the vibrant food truck scene, offering everything from BBQ to lobster. Engage in fun events like bingo in the barn, goat yoga, or the educational event by Jen's Uncommon Critters for the kids.

Saturday Evening - Merriweather District: Venture to the new Merriweather District and explore GameOn Bar+Arcade. Relive the nostalgia with retro arcade games and savor the Kick Ass Beer, specially crafted for them by Union from Baltimore.

GameOn bar+arcade

GameOn bar+arcade

Sunday: Morning - Patapsco Valley State Park: Embrace the tranquility of winter with a morning stroll through the serene trails of Patapsco Valley State Park. Take in the crisp winter scenery and revel in the beauty of the park.

Evening - Western Howard County: As the sun begins to set, head to Western Howard County to witness the picturesque farms. Conclude your weekend at Walker's Tap & Table, indulging in a delicious dinner while soaking in the serene rural atmosphere.

Cheers to a weekend filled with craft brews, unique experiences, and the vibrant spirit of Howard County! 🍻🎉 

Itinerary Idea 2: Brews, Bites, and Artful Delights

Friday Night: Begin your weekend at Jailbreak Brewing Company, where craft beer and a vibrant atmosphere await. Pair your brews with tasty bites from the menu for indoor dining or carry out.

Jailbreak Brewing Company

Jailbreak Brewing Company

Saturday: Morning - Columbia Art Center: Explore your artistic side at the Columbia Art Center. Engage in a morning art class or peruse the diverse exhibits.

Afternoon - Hysteria Brewing Company: Satisfy your midday cravings at Hysteria Brewing Company. Sample their eclectic beer selection and enjoy a laid-back bring-your-own lunch experience.

Evening - Tersiguel's French Country Restaurant: Indulge in a sophisticated dinner at Tersiguel's, a French culinary haven known for its exquisite dishes and charming ambiance.

Sunday: Morning - Centennial Park: Relax at Centennial Park, a serene oasis. Take a stroll around the lake or rent a paddleboat for a leisurely morning on the water.

Afternoon - Iron Bridge Wine Company: Conclude your weekend with a visit to Iron Bridge Wine Company. Enjoy a delightful wine tasting paired with a delicious Sunday brunch.

Itinerary Idea 3: Winter Retreat with Warm Spirits

Friday Evening: Embark on your winter weekend at Elkridge Furnace Inn, a historic haven known for its warmth and charm. Enjoy a comforting dinner and soak in the inviting ambiance.

Saturday: Morning - Historic Ellicott City: Begin your day exploring the historic charm of Ellicott City. Purchase a unique bottle at Ellicott Distilling Co. and savor a delightful lunch at Phoenix Upper Main.

Ellicott Distilling Co.

Ellicott Distilling Co.

Afternoon - Lost Ark Distilling Company: Escape the cold at Lost Ark Distilling Company. Explore the distillery's warmth, and indulge in tastings of handcrafted winter spirits.

Evening - The Turn House: Conclude your day with a heartwarming dinner at The Turn House. The cozy ambiance and farm-to-table delights offer the perfect winter evening experience.

Sunday: Morning - Eagle 5 Golf: Swap the farm visit with a relaxing morning at Eagle 5 Golf. Enjoy indoor golfing and soak in the laid-back atmosphere.

Afternoon - HoCo Brew Hive: Conclude your winter weekend at HoCo Brew Hive, a locally sourced restaurant with a rustic, warm ambiance. Delight in a delicious lunch featuring the best of Howard County's flavors, creating a perfect conclusion to your winter retreat.