Art for All

Everyone can appreciate the vibrant art scene in Howard County. Not only do art connoisseurs enjoy what this area has to offer, but families with kids also have fun exploring the various art forms that make Howard County so exciting. 

The ARTsites exhibits, presented by Howard County Arts Council, allow you to get a chance to discover art outside of the galleries. Various art displays are presented in public areas around the community, creating inspiring visual landmarks for everyone to view. The outdoor sculptures include both permanent art and rotating visuals to help make a wide variety of art easily accessible in Howard County.

Get Up Close to Outdoor Sculptures

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Discover Howard County’s art scene by heading outdoors with friends and family! Some garden sculptures are temporary, rotating yearly to showcase fresh artwork from various artists between August and July, while others are always on display. 

Permanent Exhibits 

A few of the must-see permanent exhibits include “Totem” by Marc Robarge, located at the Robinson Nature Center, “The Cycle” by Hanna Jubran at Horowitz Visual and Performing Arts Center, and “The Door in the Woods” by artist Chris Plaisted displayed at Clarksville Commons. 

Be sure to also take a look at the “Insect House” by Elliott Hamilton at the Robinson Nature Center and the “Getting the Band Back Together” sculpture by Ed Kidera located at The Mall in Columbia year-round.

Explore Howard County Art

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There are so many types of sculptures and public art found throughout Howard County’s outdoor areas. Grab the family and explore our garden sculptures and displays for a fun day out in the community.