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Korean Restaurants

Koreatown is filled with delicious family-owned establishments and popular national chains ready to welcome hungry patrons through its doors. This vibrant neighborhood offers a true “choose your own adventure” for both locals and traveling foodies. The food options range from crispy Korean fried chicken and savory barbecue to comforting noodles and sweet treats.

Whether you’re looking for a casual or upscale dining experience, Koreatown restaurants offer something for everyone.

Best Koreatown Restaurants

This lively enclave boasts authentic Korean cuisine, from traditional dishes to street food, comfort food, bulgogi, and desserts. While there are a variety of national chain restaurants in Koreatown, some of the best food in Koreatown comes from local establishments.


Are you looking for popular local restaurants serving traditional Korean dishes? Look no further than Han Joong Kwan and WooRi Jib. These family-owned restaurants are known for preparing some of the best food in Koreatown.

Han Joong Kwan is known for its Ja Jang Myun (noodles with pork, onions, and black bean sauce) and Tangsu Sogogi (sweet and sour beef). WooRi Jib specializes in its Galbi Dolsot Bibimbap (hot stone prepared short ribs, fried egg, rice, vegetables, and traditional Korean condiments) and Tteok Mandu Guk (rice cake soup with dumplings).

Korean Barbecue

Don't sleep on mouthwatering Korean BBQ, either. Chosun Hwaro is a hometown establishment offering a truly authentic Korean BBQ experience. From table-top gas grills to prepare the food in front of you to the flavorful meats and simple side dishes, Chosun Hwaro embraces the essence of Korean BBQ. These are just a few of the many Koreatown restaurants to try while in town.

Desserts & Coffee

Need a pick-me-up, something to cleanse your palate, or a nightcap to satisfy your sweet tooth? Several shops in Koreatown provide the sugary essentials, from mochi donuts to boba tea.

Looking for a light yet sweet snack? Stop into Elli Mochi to try one of their mochi donuts that combine the American classic with mochi (rice cake), topped with fun flavors like Honeybun and Blueberry Cheese.

Enjoy a caffeine boost and a refreshing treat at Siroo & Juk Story, featuring various coffee drinks and Korean teas. Order the bingsoo, a cold, refreshing dessert made of snow ice available in chocolate, mango, strawberry, and red bean, for dessert. You’ll find plenty of boba tea across the Koreatown shops, including Tiger Sugar, which has an award-winning lineup.

Koreatown is also home to the world-famous Tous les Jours, a French-Asian-inspired cafe and bakery known for its vibrant teas, lattes, and delicate pastries like the Honey Cheese Mochi Pancake and Red Bean Bread.

Eat in Koreatown

Koreatown’s unique blend of locally owned and national franchise restaurants and coffee shops offers those visiting Howard County an all-encompassing journey into Korean cuisine.