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Where to Stay Near Koreatown

Located strategically between the iconic cities of Washington D.C. and Baltimore, with convenient drives or train rides from Philadelphia and New York City, Koreatown in Howard County offers a unique cultural experience. Situated within a short drive from the Atlantic Ocean beaches, the location provides a diverse range of activities and attractions. Consider the following distances for easy access:

  • Baltimore: 13 mi
  • Chesapeake Bay: 32 mi
  • Washington D.C.: 40 mi 
  • Philadelphia: 115 mi
  • Atlantic Ocean Beaches/Ocean City, Maryland: 149 mi
  • New York City: 201 mi

Understanding Maryland's Four Seasons: A Guide for Travelers

Before embarking on your journey to Koreatown in Howard County, it's essential to familiarize yourself with Maryland's distinct four seasons. The state experiences a temperate climate, characterized by warm summers, crisp autumns, chilly winters, and refreshing springs.

Summer (June to August): Expect warm temperatures ranging from 75°F to 95°F (24°C to 35°C). Pack light, breathable clothing, sunscreen, and sunglasses for outdoor excursions and cultural explorations.

Fall (September to November): Autumn in Maryland is marked by cooler temperatures ranging from 45°F to 75°F (7°C to 24°C). Bring layers, including sweaters or jackets, as temperatures can vary throughout the day. Don't forget comfortable walking shoes for scenic trails and parks.

Winter (December to February): Winters can be chilly, with temperatures ranging from 25°F to 45°F (-4°C to 7°C). Pack a warm coat, gloves, a hat, and insulated footwear if you plan to explore outdoor attractions.

Spring (March to May): Spring brings mild temperatures between 45°F and 70°F (7°C to 21°C). Layered clothing is advisable as temperatures fluctuate. Include a light jacket or sweater for cooler evenings.


Begin your exploration of Koreatown in Howard County with a comfortable stay at one of the nearby hotels. Prioritize your hotel choice early in your planning, as a variety of accommodations are available for visitors to enjoy the rich cultural offerings and attractions. After indulging in Korean barbecue and local shops, recharge for the next day's adventure with local accommodation options.


For a more adventurous stay, consider a visit to Patapsco Valley State Park, just a stone's throw from Koreatown's epicenter. The park boasts over 16,000 acres, 200 miles of trails, and scenic campgrounds along the Patapsco River. Hollofield campground, within the park, provides 73 campsites equipped with a picnic table and fire ring, offering a serene escape into nature with breathtaking views of the Patapsco River.

Plan Your Journey:

Enhance your exploration of Koreatown by grabbing the Howard County, Maryland Visitor's Guide, your key to navigating this diverse ten-mile stretch. Whether you're a food enthusiast, a dedicated shopper, a culture connoisseur, or simply in search of a unique experience, Koreatown in Ellicott City has something extraordinary to offer.

So, rally your friends and family for an unforgettable adventure through Koreatown. Uncover the diverse flavors, traditions, and treasures not just of Korea, but also of many other international cultures, right here in Howard County. Join us and immerse yourself in the vibrant spirit of Koreatown in Howard County, Maryland.

How To Get Here:

From Northern Maryland, DE, PA, NJ/NY, and beyond:  I-95S to Exit 49B I-695W toward Towson to Exit 15B US-40W Baltimore National Pike in Ellicott City

From DC, Virginia, Carolinas, and points South: US-95N to Exit 43B MD-100W toward Ellicott City to US-29N to Exit 24B US-40W Baltimore National Pike in Ellicott City

From Western Maryland, West Virginia, and points West: I-70E to US-40E Baltimore National Pike in Ellicott City

From Annapolis and points East: I-97N to MD-100W to US-40W/ Baltimore National Pike in Ellicott City

Book Your Stay

Regardless of your preferred experience, the accommodations in Howard County are sure to provide the perfect home base for your visit to Koreatown. Explore the list below to discover other hotel options in the area.