Boyd Cru Wines

Boyd Cru Wines is a family owned wine company that aims to take the pretentiousness out of wine, build community, foster connection and promote expression as well as make it accessible to those who have been underrepresented and historically marginalized when it comes to the wine industry. We believe in making wines that are locally grown with sustainable practices in Maryland. Our wines are approachable, vibrant, joyful, and liberating. Our wines also build community and tell a story. We're also disrupting the industry by bringing a nontraditional approach to a traditional industry. Our niche is focusing 90% of our wines around creating and producing blends and helping consumers, especially new wine drinkers discover what they like without being told what they should like by pairing wine with art, music, moods and moments. We invite our community to come Sip Outside The Lines with Boyd Cru Wines while changing the landscape of what the wine industry looks like.