Helpful Hints for viewing Wildlife

  • Stay on trails

  • Wear long pants, sunscreen and a hat

  • Wear mosquito repellent, especially in the early morning and evening

  • Bring water and snacks for longer outings

  • Dress for weather and other conditions, e.g. steep or muddy trails

  • Know the season and look for poison ivy to avoid it

  • Move calmly and quietly to disturb wildlife as little as possible

  • Binoculars and a magnifying glass get your closer

  • Bring a camera or journal to record what you find

  • Don’t pick flowers or berries

  • Do not try to touch, feed, or corner wildlife

  • Leave only footprints

  • After you hike, check your clothing for “hitchhikers”, like ticks and other insects

  • Wash your hands


Keep it Clean, Go Green - Tips on Caring for the Environment

  • Concentrate use on existing trails and campsites during hikes
  • Use re-usable plastic supplies vs. disposable
  • Repackage food to minimize waste
  • Leave rock, plants, and other natural objects as you find them
  • Avoid introducing or transporting non-native species in parks and woodlands
  • Plant native trees, shrubs, and wildflowers near streams to act as buffers
  • Use fertilizer sparingly or not at all