Farms in Howard County, Maryland

Embark on a Brews & Zoos Adventure in Howard County, Maryland! Delve into the rich tapestry of our agricultural heritage, where over 300 farms offer a cornucopia of delights for you and your family to explore. Amidst this picturesque countryside, Manor Hill Brewing stands out as craft brewing experience, ready to elevate your adventure.

From the pumpkin patches of Clark's Elioak Farm to the rustic charm of Larriland Farm's Red Barn store, and the heartwarming experiences awaiting at Mary's Land Farm, our farms promise unforgettable memories and boundless fun for all ages. Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of Howard County's agricultural landscape, where each visit is not just entertainment but an educational journey, offering insights into the origins of our food and household goods.

So grab your Pick-Your-Own Adventure map below, and set forth on a journey through Howard County's bountiful farmlands, where Brews & Zoos await at every turn. Cheers to Howard Farms & Flavor, your guide to the vibrant culinary landscape of HoCo, showcasing farmers markets, farm-to-table restaurants, and the exquisite craft of local brews. Let the adventure begin!