Family Fun

Escape to Howard County, a haven for families seeking both safety and excitement. Nestled within this charming locale lies an array of enriching experiences guaranteed to delight all ages.

Embark on a journey through the heart of Howard County, where the Columbia Association awaits with its vibrant music at the Columbia Lakefront Stage, and discover AMPed in the Park, alongside other free, kid-friendly events at Color Burst Park. Revel in the safety of our city, renowned for its family-friendly atmosphere.

Explore the historic charm of Ellicott City and Savage, where each street whispers tales of yesteryears. Wander through time as you stroll amidst quaint neighborhoods, discovering hidden gems at every turn. Delight in the abundance of parks and playgrounds, inviting endless hours of outdoor fun for the whole family.

Immerse yourself in the natural splendor of Howard County's parks, from the rugged beauty of Patapsco Valley State Park to the serene tranquility of the springtime blossoms at Centennial Park. In the warmer months, you can rent a paddleboat at the Adventure Shack!

For indoor adventures, indulge in an array of entertainment options, from a holiday play at Toby's Dinner Theatre to the high-speed excitement of K1 Speed. Unleash your curiosity at Howard County's museums and historic sites, where learning becomes an adventure of its own.

No matter the season, Howard County pulsates with excitement, hosting an array of family-friendly events such as the renowned Howard County Fair. With something for everyone, Howard County promises an unforgettable getaway for families seeking both safety and adventure. Scroll below to uncover the multitude of family-friendly attractions awaiting your discovery in Howard County.