Guigui’s Kreyol Flavors

  • 12250 Clarksville Pike
  • Clarksville, MD 21029

As a Haitian woman, I was expected to start cooking at a young age and I fell in love with it; so much so I used to sneak out of high school to pursue formal training at a culinary school in Haiti. I am passionate about representing Haiti and introducing others to Haiti using natural flavors and services. Guigui’s Kreyol Flavors was birthed by the joy and tranquility I feel when feeding the hearts and bellies of loved ones and strangers alike. Guigui’s Kreyol Flavors is a black women small business using high quality ingredients and traditional Haitian recipes. Our mission, is to bring the natural flavors and cultures from Haiti to the world. Guigui’s Kreyol Flavors specializes in Haitian Cuisines, we offer pickup, and eat In services.