LaRaydiance Wellness Spa Boutique

  • 8600 Foundry Street
  • New Weave Loft Suite 043
  • Savage, MD 20763

We are a Wellness Spa Boutique that offer an intimate, lovely and safe space. Our focus is healing the skin (face and body) by addressing root causes of a condition; which can be diet, hormones, lifestyle or stress. Our staff has over 30 years of clinical experience with degrees in the Health Sciences field of study. We offer customized DMK treatments, Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching, HydraFacial, Lira treatments, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Relaxation Facials, both Relaxation and Therapeutic Massages. Guests can relax and or shop in our beautiful reception/retail boutique that we affectionately call “Chateau de LaRaydiance”. We retail botanical pharmaceutical grade products to continue treatments at home. To support local makers and other small businesses we retail their products that match our philosophy of care .