Experience a Shopper's Paradise in Howard County, Maryland

Prepare for a shopping adventure like no other as we guide you through the diverse neighborhoods of Howard County, Maryland. From the charming boutiques of Ellicott City to the vibrant cityscape of Columbia, Howard County has something for every shopper. With its reputation as one of the nation's wealthiest and safest destinations, according to U.S. News & World Report and WalletHub, it's not just about shopping; it's about creating unforgettable memories.

Columbia: Where Shopping Meets Happiness

Columbia, known as the #1 Best City for Women in 2023 according to WalletHub, boasts a planned community that's over 50 years old. Explore family-owned businesses with a rich history as you wander through this easily navigable city. Stroll down the sidewalks to discover a plethora of shopping delights.

Columbia's vibrant art scene offers opportunities to shop for local art at the Columbia Festival of the Arts, hosted at the Downtown Columbia Lakefront during the summer. Discover unique artisan goods while enjoying music, food, and family fun.

For fashion enthusiasts, the Lee Andersen Art Clothing factory store showcases high-end fashion by a local designer with a global reputation, including clientele like royalty and celebrities.

One popular area that attracts shoppers is The Mall in Columbia. In addition to upscale chain stores, including Nordstrom and Lord & Taylor, the mall offers experiential entertainment. It is home to The Spotlight interactive selfie museum, where you can enjoy a fun outing taking photos with friends in the interactive art spaces. Located next to the AMC Columbia 14 movie theater, the mall also has a wide selection of restaurants, from fine dining to the food court.

Families will love the mall's toy stores, the Bouncetastic bounce house center, and the unforgettable carousel rides. Don't forget to capture the moment at the selfie cubes scattered throughout the mall or visit the Be With Me Playseum, where kids can interact with bunnies and lizards and unleash their creativity.

Savage: A Unique Historic Shopping Haven

In Savage, discover the historic Savage Mill, a shopping destination with a rich history dating back to the 1800s when it was a cotton mill. Explore the Antique Center for quality antiques and collectibles.

Savage Mill Shopping

Girl's Night Out at Savage Mill

Bead Soup is a whimsical store with a vast selection of seed beads, gemstones, and beading supplies, along with classes and bead kits. G + H Custom Workshop offers unique gifts, home décor, and event embellishments.

Ellicott City: A Shopper's Paradise with Historic Charm

Historic Ellicott City beckons with its vintage finds, local art, and trendy boutiques. This historic neighborhood hosts various events throughout the year, making your shopping trip all the more enjoyable. As one of Maryland's Main Streets, Ellicott City not only features modern retailers but also historic sites with charming gift shops.

Sweet Elizabeth Jane is a must-visit boutique, offering a blend of functional clothing, accessories, and home items with a touch of downtown chic.

Stone House Collective, in the heart of Old Ellicott City's Historic District, offers a boutique filled with vintage items, decor, textiles, and more.

Stonehouse Collective

Stone House Collective

Explore A Journey from Junk, a funky boutique filled with home decor, vintage treasures, and delightful fragrances. Their discoveries showcase hand-crafted jewelry, pottery, blown glass, and clothing, while E.C. Pops provides a fun-filled shopping experience, complete with quirky designs and local art.

Main Street Oriental Rugs, a fair-trade importer, offers exquisite hand-knotted Persian and Oriental rugs. Oriental Art Collection boasts Asian pottery, paintings, and unique gifts. And if you're looking for gourmet treats, Park Ridge Trading Co has you covered.

Breezy Willow Farm Country Market offers an array of local produce, artisanal cheeses, and handcrafted soaps. Su Casa Furniture is dedicated to making your house a home, offering interior design expertise and unique gifts.

Historic Ellicott City is also home to Southwest Connection, where you can explore authentic Native American jewelry and enjoy homemade fudge and chocolates.

Greater Ellicott City: A World of Shopping Choices

Venture beyond Ellicott City to discover Greater Ellicott City, with Koreatown on Route 40, showcasing over 166 Korean-owned businesses. Make a visit to Lil Thingamajigs, your one-stop shop for trendy East Asian pop culture items from Korea and Japan. Explore markets like Lotte Plaza Market, H Mart, and KS Food for a taste of the vibrant Korean community.

Western Howard County: A Rustic Shopping Retreat

Head west to Western Howard County and immerse yourself in open farmland views while shopping for artisan goods and farm-inspired items. Visit the Howard County Fairgrounds, where year-round events like the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, Winter Bead and Jewelry Show, and the Howard County Craft Spectacular offer an array of unique products. In Clarksville, you won't want to miss exploring Nest Natural Elements for local jewelry, clothing, journals, art, and home goods.

For a touch of elegance and refinement, Heron's Meadow Tea Farm beckons you to explore its world of ceramics. As you browse, you'll find teacups, teapots, and other exquisite pieces that make for perfect additions to your collection or thoughtful gifts for tea enthusiasts. Each ceramic creation is a work of art that embodies the time-honored tradition of tea culture.

Heron's Meadow Farm

Heron's Meadow Tea Farm

The Breezy Hill Alpaca Farm offers a truly immersive experience in the heart of nature. Here, you can not only interact with friendly farm animals but also discover a selection of hand-crafted wearable art that embodies the essence of this idyllic countryside. From cozy alpaca wool scarves to intricately designed sweaters, each piece tells a story of the farm's commitment to sustainability and craftsmanship.

Dive into the world of fiber arts at The Little Boutique at Breezy Hill, a charming haven specializing in exquisite hand-spun yarn meticulously crafted right here in Howard County. As you step inside, you'll be greeted by a kaleidoscope of colors and textures, each yarn strand a testament to the skilled artisans who have poured their passion into their work. Whether you're an experienced knitter or a novice looking to embark on a creative journey, this boutique is a treasure trove of inspiration and materials that promise to elevate your crafting endeavors.

Meanwhile, a visit to Mary's Land Farm store offers a delightful journey through an assortment of home goods and seasonal gifts that celebrate the essence of Maryland living. Peruse the shelves for unique decor pieces, charming seasonal gifts, and delectable local honey. And if you're seeking savory snacks, indulge your taste buds with the farm's own beef jerky, a savory treat that captures the flavors of the region. In this quaint store, you'll discover the warmth and charm of Maryland's rural heritage, making it an ideal destination for both locals and visitors alike.

Mary's Land Farm Store

Mary's Land Farm Store

Maple Lawn: Small-Town Charm with Modern Shopping

Nestled within the thriving community of Fulton lies Maple Lawn, one of Howard County's fastest-growing areas. This charming neighborhood offers a unique blend of small-town charm and modern shopping experiences, making it a must-visit destination for locals and visitors alike.

As you stroll along the inviting streets of Maple Lawn Boulevard, you'll find boutiques that beckon you to explore their treasures. These boutiques offer a curated selection of items that cater to a diverse range of tastes and styles. Whether you're in search of the latest fashion trends or timeless classics, Maple Lawn has it all.

What sets Maple Lawn apart is its ability to seamlessly combine the convenience of modern shopping with the warm ambiance of a close-knit community. As you browse through the boutiques, you'll feel a sense of belonging and familiarity that is often associated with small towns. Shopkeepers are eager to assist you, offering personalized service and expert advice, creating an atmosphere where every purchase feels like a delightful discovery.

Moreover, Maple Lawn isn't just a shopping destination; it's a place where you can immerse yourself in the unique culture and spirit of Howard County. The tree-lined streets, well-maintained sidewalks, and friendly faces create an environment that encourages leisurely exploration. You can take your time browsing, savoring the experience of discovering hidden gems while enjoying the peaceful ambiance.

A picture of Mary Jordan, owner of Bra La La

Mary Jordan, owner of Bra-la-la

In the heart of Maple Lawn, there exists a unique boutique known as Bra-la-la, where the pursuit of finding your perfect fit becomes the main focus. At Bra-la-la, their mission stands out with clarity: to enrich the well-being and self-esteem of every woman by aiding them in discovering their ideal fit.

Here, it goes beyond mere undergarment shopping; it's a voyage toward embracing comfort and confidence. The dedicated team at Bra-la-la is unwavering in their commitment to affording you the personal time and attention you rightly deserve as you seek out the healthiest and most comfortable fit tailored specifically for you.

Within the welcoming walls of this boutique, you'll encounter a diverse array of lingerie options meticulously curated to cater to every woman's unique style and body type. Whether you're in pursuit of everyday comfort, an ensemble for a special occasion, or athletic wear that combines style with function, Bra-la-la is your ultimate destination for personalized fittings and expert guidance.

Wherever you are exploring - from Maple Lawn and Ellicott City to Savage and Columbia - the experience promises an unforgettable venture that combines small-town charm with contemporary shopping convenience. Don't miss the opportunity to explore our hidden gems and discover the treasures they hold.

Howard County offers a cosmopolitan shopping experience that combines diverse neighborhoods with a rich tapestry of local businesses. Make your shopping adventure a leisurely activity, and when you're not shopping, take advantage of the myriad activities Howard County has to offer. Consider booking an overnight stay at DoubleTree by Hilton Columbia to fully immerse yourself in the charm of our neighborhoods.