Thanksgiving Beer Pairing Guide

Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays of the year. Family and friends gather together to eat food, watch football, and indulge in a beer or two. If you’re like me, you’re already planning on what beer to serve with each course. Thankfully Howard County’s local breweries and distilleries have a number of beers, ales, and spirits, to keep your party going!

Appetizers/Snack Pairings: Festive beers are pretty safe for snacks and appetizers, as they can compliment almost any dish.

Black Flag Brewing Co. Airing of Grievances- Stout American Imperial/ Double ( Gingerbread Stout)
Jailbreak Brewing Co.  Funk Sway- Intensely pleasant Key lime with punctuated by firm tartness
Red Shedman Farm Brewery Apple Hard Cider-Cider is another great option to start with, especially if you have guests who don’t like beer!

First Course pairings: Salads, cheeses, maybe even more snacks. These beers would work best with any of those, and more!

Jailbreak Brewing Co. Czech The Technique-Most pilsner style beers work with almost any food. This floral and gently spiced malt is a great second (or third, or fourth) beer.
Manor Hill Brewing Pilsner-A smooth beer with a citrus taste, and clean finish.

Main Course pairings: By now your guests are likely ready to settle for a more robust drink, or you can keep drinking the pilsners, or Oktoberfests!

Red Shedman Farm Brewery Lil Red-an English style ale, with a beautiful amber color. This is a very easy ale to drink.
Black Flag Brewing Belge-A Belgian Saison, which is dry and complex. Guests will enjoy this a great deal.
Hysteria Brewing Mad Sun-American IPA, which are typically rich in body and color. This would look beautiful next to a carved turkey.

Dessert: This is my favorite part of every meal, and by now you and your guests should be ready for pies, cookies, or whatever else you make!

Lost Ark Distilling Co. Lady Anne White Rum-This light bodied rum has notes of sweet molasses, caramel, berry, and tropical flavors. This works well by itself or in a mixed drink.
Manor Hill Brewing Malt Shop IPA-This “milkshake/smoothie” IPA is probably the perfect dessert beer for any occasion, but it is a limited run. The overall taste and smell of berries will leave you feeling refreshed and full.
Black Flag Brewing Co. Pumpkin Pie Ale-The name alone should convince you that this is a dessert ale. It’s smooth and sweet, and the perfect way to end a day!