A Glance Through 250 Years of History...

Ellicott City, Maryland has a rich and unique 250+ year history that began when the three Ellicott Brothers first bought the land in 1772. Over the years the town has played a pivotal role in our Nation’s story. From the National Road that runs along its Main Street, to an African American scientist who charted the heavens and the streets of the nation’s capital, to the country’s first railroad terminus, to the renown educational institute for woman that sits atop one of its seven hills, Ellicott City stands as a witness to America’s story.

Today, the town’s one of a kind shops, unique blend of restaurants, cafes and bars, and resilient community spirit are a living testament to both the Ellicotts’ and the American dream. During this special anniversary year, we hope you will join the celebration to discover and honor this unique village that was built “in the Hollow” on the shore of the Patapsco River.

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For more info and a complete timeline of Ellicott City history click here

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