Did you know that Maryland has a rich history with ice cream? In 1744, Governor Thomas Bladen became the first to serve this delightful, creamy treat in the United States. Fast forward to today, and Maryland boasts its very own Ice Cream Trail, featuring farm-fresh, cow-to-cone specialties. Some of the best spots are right here in Howard County! Imagine wandering through the picturesque streets of Ellicott City, savoring a scoop of locally-made ice cream from a quaint creamery. Or perhaps you'd enjoy sharing a trendy, handcrafted cone with friends in the vibrant Merriweather District.

Ice cream cones from Parkridge Creamery in Howard County


Park Ridge Creamery: A Taste of Baltimore in Howard County

At Park Ridge Creamery, you can savor hand-scooped ice cream from the renowned Taharka Brothers, a Baltimore-based small-batch ice cream maker. Indulge in their unique and ever-changing flavors like Bailey’s Irish Cream, bourbon butter pecan, and key lime pie. With plenty of outdoor seating, it's a perfect spot to relax and enjoy your sweet treat.

The Charmery: Columbia's Newest Ice Cream Destination

The Charmery, a beloved Baltimore scoop shop, expanded to Columbia's Merriweather District in 2021. Known for its handcrafted, super-premium ice cream, The Charmery offers highly original and delicious flavors that are sure to delight your taste buds. It's a must-visit for ice cream enthusiasts in the area.

The Charmery ice cream

The Charmery

Crazy Mason Milkshake Bar: Indulgence in Ellicott City

For an over-the-top dessert experience, head to Crazy Mason Milkshake Bar in historic Ellicott City. This spot offers extravagant milkshakes topped with entire donuts, cookies, waffles, slices of cake, or even cotton candy with rock candy. The best part? You get to keep the jar as a fun souvenir!

Siroo and Juk Story: Korean Shaved Ice Delights

Located in Koreatown, Siroo and Juk Story serves up refreshing shaved ice desserts. Choose from a variety of toppings like strawberry, mango, red bean, or chocolate to customize your icy treat. It's a perfect way to cool down and enjoy a taste of Korean dessert culture.

Siroo & Juk Story

Siroo and Juk Story