Koreatown Planning Committee Board, Inc. (KPCB)

  • 9339 Baltimore National Pike
  • Ellicott City, MD 21042

Since Ellicott City is considered one of the most desirable places for Koreans to live in America because of its top-rated educational system, in 2021 a portion of Route 40 was officially designated as Koreatown Maryland.

What can you find in Koreatown Maryland?

The area boasts an abundance of Korean restaurants serving authentic fare, from bulgogi and Korean fried chicken to bingsu (shaved ice) and Korean baked goods. Although many restaurants serve similar dishes, each location has a unique ambiance setting it apart, from casual food hall-style dining to upscale restaurants. Whether you are looking for family-friendly dining or nightlife and karaoke, you can find it in Koreatown Maryland.

Where Is Koreatown Maryland Located?

Begin your visit at the Koreatown sign, where numerous Korean businesses extend for five miles east and west-bound on Route 40. Visiting popular Korean franchises and family-run businesses supports the local community in the surrounding Ellicott City area.

Additional Tips

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Exploring the culinary scene of Koreatown Maryland is a vacation in and of itself, which is why you'll want to book an overnight stay in nearby hotels.