All over Howard County you’ll discover beautiful scenery, winding country roads, and wonderful views of rivers and state parks. When you are feeling to the itch to get out of the house, a scenic drive through HoCo may be just what you need. Here are some of our favorite routes and spots to check out on your next outdoor excursion.

Ilchester Rd  - Ellicott City

River Rd.River Rd. Map

After a steep drive down Ilchester Rd and you have two options after crossing the Patapsco, at the fork of River Road you will have two options. Stay left to drive alongside the serene Patapsco River. Go right to take a winding road up the forested hills complete with historic structures. There are many spots along the drive to park and enter the State Park. River Road will also take you right to Old Ellicott City and the many businesses still open and provide carryout and curbside pickups.

Homewood Rd - Folly Quarter Rd - Clarksville

Homewood Rd and Folly Quarter Rd take you through the picturesque farmlands and open air of Clarksville. Small rolling hills and forested areas provide variety while you pass by farm and farm buildings new and old. While in Clarksville, you may want to stop at Clark’s Elioak Farm, which is offering curbside pickup for its meat, produce, and more. Click here for info. 

Old Frederick Rd - Daniels Area 

JohnnyCakeJohnnyCake Rd Map
Old Frederick Rd to Johnnycake Rd will see you through the Daniels area of the Patapsco State Park, complete with winding downhill roads and a small historic bridge. 

West Friendship Farm Roads

Western Maryland Map
Many beautiful drives are to be had in western Howard county. Large stretches of secluded countryside roads intertwine through West Friendship, Glenelg, Woodbine, and the neighboring Carroll County areas. Pull off of 32 and get lost for a bit while appreciating western HoCo’s beautiful farm lands, fields, and forests. 

Historic National Road

Historic National Rd
Follow the story of an enduring heritage—trace the nation’s oldest road across Maryland’s diverse landscape, from Baltimore in the east to the mountains in the west. For information and maps on the Historic National Road click here.

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